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Arithmetic is one of the hardest subjects for most students of all grades, from primary school to college and graduate school. Students struggle with the subject at every level all over the world. From addition to subtraction to algebraic equations, our student life is filled with numbers and the pressing urgency to solve riddle like problems on a daily basis. Not everyone is good with numbers, so this struggle is more real for some than others. 

It used to be that the only way to know if the solution to your math problem had been done accurately was to wait for the teacher to check your homework or discuss the solution. Remember those days? Some students are lucky enough that their text books offer the answers to the math problem in the final pages. But what about those problems which do not come from the textbooks? How and where do we find the correct answer?

The internet is the ultimate resource

  • We can find anything and everything out there in cyberspace, so it just makes sense to take advantage of this tool to help us succeed in all areas, including mathematics. By simply typing in the key words you will have the solutions within a few steps.
  • Websites which are dedicated to algebra have an enormous amount of resources just waiting for you to browse through. The majority of teachers do not actually spend their time sitting around and devising new problems for you to solve. They get their questions from educational sources that meet the criteria for what needs to be learned at each grade level. This information is not kept hidden under lock and key - in fact many teachers download the assignments right from the internet themselves.
  • Many school board websites now have links to a variety of resources for students who are looking for help with their assignments. It may be a bit much to expect that they will list the Q & A for your particular task, you will be able to find similar problems with their solutions.
  • There are actually websites full of tools that you may need to solve a variety of problems, including virtual scientific calculators. These interactive websites will walk you through each step of the problem, giving you not only just the solution, but also the steps needed to get there.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have an older sibling who has taken the same course before you, think about asking them if you can look at their corrected work. If they did really well, they may also be willing to go through your work before you submit it!

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