The 15 Best Medical Research Paper Ideas For College

One of the major types of papers that you will be required to write is a research paper. This is a larger paper that will require that you read through several resources and develop a thesis to explain your findings. You will then write an extensive paper explaining the thesis statement. When you are in college, you can expect to write a research paper for just about every one of your classes. Coming up with a topic for your research paper is not always an easy part of the process. You can’t just choose any topic because you have to make sure that you find one that is not only relevant but one that is specific enough to write a very succinct paper on. You can’t just choose a main topic but one that is so specific that you can create a very detailed thesis statement on.

Topics to get you started

  1. What can be done about the raise in individuals diagnosed with diabetes?
  2. What is the relationship between heart disease and diabetes?
  3. Can diabetes be reversed with a proper diet and exercise?
  4. Should the sale of organs be allowed or will it lead to more deaths?
  5. Are there foods that can prevent breast cancer or is it genetic?
  6. Why is it important to give vitamin D to infants that are breast feeding?
  7. Does chiropractic care really help with long term back pain?
  8. What are ways to prevent Parkinson’s disease?
  9. What new treatments are available for treating Alzheimer’s disease?
  10. Is euthanasia a moral practice?
  11. Is stem cell research ethical?
  12. If a baby has a serious defect, should a parent abort it?
  13. Should students be required to learn more about the deadly effects of alcohol?
  14. What are some methods to help individuals with the detox process?
  15. Is addiction a mental problem or physical problem?

You should always start your paper by developing your outline because it will help you develop a specific thesis statement and also keep all of your ideas organized. You want to make sure that your paper focuses on proving your thesis statement so it is important to make sure that each one of your topics work towards proving that. When you have to develop your outline it will ensure that you stay on track.

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