Best Ways to Check Your Homework Answers in Math

The Old Fashioned Way

  • Mathematics, or math as it is most commonly referred to, is a subject area of vast variety and importance. As a student, you will be exposed to the different types of mathematical processes not because it is there to bore you, but because it is a necessary component to your daily life. Often times, mathematics tends to get a “bad reputation” for its specific technicalities. In basic mathematical operations there exists no “grey areas” or room for abstraction probability. You will find that in dealing with primary, secondary, and even in certain areas of post-secondary schooling, such as that of introductory prerequisites university courses, solutions to mathematical equations result in one final answer. To be even more exact if, somewhere along the way, you either missed, overlooked, or performed a mathematical step wrong the entire course of the equation is set off as arrival to the answer will be incorrect.
  • Because of this it is imperative that you not only check your answers but double, triple, and quadruple check it if need be. There are many ways to check the validity of your answers. One of the first, and most often tried, ways of doing so is manually. This means conducting the mathematical processes over again a second time. In this step-by-step process you are able to go through the equation in a series of incremental stages. Depending on the type of mathematics the processes used to arrive towards the final answer may give you a clue for finding your mistakes. For instance, multiplication is different from division but one can find certain similarities in arriving at an answer in both. You need to know the multiplication table to properly and quickly know how to divide.

Other Options

  • For those with textbooks it is advisable to search, “The Answer Key,” which is usually located towards the back index of the text. However, do so after you have exhausted all your knowledge through the manual way of reaching an answer. Also, working with the assigned chapters that cover the topic being discussed in your assignment may provide an illustration of arriving to an answer with mathematical examples. If these options do not yield results consult the assistance of a classmate or even The National Homework Help Hotline or Dial-A-Teacher. Take advantage of these available services now!

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