Math Homework Help: How to Find Useful Answers

Mathematics is a joy for some, a headache for others. If you fall in the second category, OR even the first or somewhere in the middle, and despair at the thought of having reached the wrong answer to the problem you have painstakingly solved, here is some help:

  • Check the last pages of your book. Sometimes that is all that you need to do. The final section of the textbook is usually a list of answers to all the questions in the book.
  • Phone a Friend: Ask if they are willing to compare the answers after finishing their homework. This can be especially helpful as every question and answer will be reviewed at least once during the process.
  • Seniors and Older Assignments: See if you can access a repository of solved problems and equations online. There are websites, chat groups, and other forums where you can find answers.
  • Key Books and Solved Papers: Old fashioned but still useful. Find out if the local bookstore or old-books’ shop carries these.
  • A Tutor: Your Math teacher is an excellent source of help. After all, they are the most familiar with the problems and answers. When this is not a practical option, a tutor who can give you extra lessons can be a viable and relatively affordable choice. Not only can you find the answers you are looking for you will also sharpen your mathematical skills and widen your knowledge base in the process.
  • Online Help: It is quite simple to find a variety of ways one can find help with math answers online and a variety of ways to do it. You can select the method best suited to your needs and go with it. The various choices available are:
    1. Online Problem Solvers: These are automated and all you will need to do is enter the problem to find the answer along with all the steps in the solution.
    2. Online/Offline Worksheets: Free worksheets are available online and offline.
    3. Tutoring Agencies: Here, you register online but the tuition is in person
    4. Online Homework Help Agencies: These offer reliable Math help in different ways. Generally, you register online and get all the help you require with Math problems and their answers online.

All of the suggested methods are either free of cost or are affordable enough to try. Do ask around and check reviews by authentic users before making your choice.

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