In Search of Social Studies Homework Help for 6th Graders

The sixth grade year will bring a lot more homework than you have had in the past. The students need to be prepared for the rigor of middle school or junior high school. The best way to do this preparation is to begin the process a year early. There are several places where you can find assistance for the nightly assignments.

  • Use a nice planner-go to the store and buy a school planner. Make sure the one you pick has enough room for all the classes and the assignments, which will be given. It should also have yearly calendar and some place for you to write important contact information. Just having the right planner will increase the odds of you doing the work properly and on time.
  • Go for extra attention-if the teacher provides extra assistance after school, you should attend. This is a nice time for you to get a jump on the nightly tasks. Some schools also offer an after hours study hall and you may want to enroll in that for extra help.
  • Keep your backpack organized-you have to keep your books, assignments, and school items neatly organized in your backpack. Ideally you should clean it out at the end of each week. The bag should not look like a war zone.
  • Hire a tutor-there is such a person as a homework and organization tutor. This person will not only guide you with assignments and organization, but will also show you how to assist yourself. Learning these skills are good for a lifetime.
  • Join a homework help center-either with your school friends or online, consider joining a classwork center for your nightly and weekend tasks. Knowing that you have a team to help you is a nice feeling. And knowing that you can help other is just plain nice to do.
  • Ask a sibling or parent-if you need immediate emergency assistance; consider asking a brother, sister, or a parent for school help. Never discount asking a family member for assistance. There is nothing as nice as having a classwork helper located in your own home.

Sixth grade is an important year. There will be higher expectations and more work. Make sue you are reading to handle all of your challenging assignments. You can use our six handy advice tips to make sure you have a successful sixth grade school year.

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