Free Chemistry Homework Help: Cheap Means Ineffective?

When looking for online homework help, it is often difficult to determine whether the sources available are reputable or effective. It requires diligent search tactics and careful consideration before deciding on what site to enlist for help. Making the task even more difficult is the search for cheap or free chemistry homework help that will still get the job done. There are several ways to try and circumvent some of the costs associated with finding cheap yet effective chemistry homework help. Take a look at the following:

  • Decide on what kinds of chemistry homework help is needed by asking certain questions.
  • Is there a particular problem or two that needs to be worked on or is the issue more complex?
  • Is there a general lack of understanding of chemistry as a whole or only a certain aspect?
  • What is the information desired?
  • Is there a one-on-one tutor required or is general chemistry knowledge sufficient?

Determine which sites offer the kind of chemistry homework help that is needed once a decision has been made.

Make sure to read the “About Us” on different sites to figure out what kind of chemistry homework help is being offered as well as pricing.

If there are questions regarding the services that are being offered and the particular fees associated with them, use the “Contact Us” section to e-mail or call the site directly.


Try to limit the level of dependency needed on the site for chemistry homework help.

If the need is simply for a few chemistry homework problems, it is wise not to spend time on other aspects of the assignment. Most of the sites will charge based on the length of time the help takes, so being cognoscente of this will limit an astronomically high homework help fee.

Use the site as an assistant, not as the one and only resource. Get the answers to a couple of problems and seek answers elsewhere. This will help you determine the level of effectiveness of the site. If the site is providing chemistry homework help for free or cheaper than the average, it can continuously be used as assistance.


It is difficult to determine whether or not free or cheap homework help is completely ineffective. Instead, it becomes necessary to analyze the number of online resources that are available. There should be an opportunity to conduct a compare-and-contrast evaluation by using a paid/costly chemistry homework help site and a free/cheap chemistry homework help site. Once the comparison is made and homework problems are answered, whether or not a site is effective will shine through.

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