Facilitating your life in school: 7th grade math homework help

Children need help as they begin homework assignments, no matter the grade in which they are. It is important that they can find homework help from parents. This does not just mean helping them complete an assignment as you sit at the desk, but it means helping them in a variety of other ways including the following:

  • Once a child finishes a test or does well on a homework assignment, it is important to praise them. If, for example, they worked all night on their homework and received an A, the paper can be posted on the fridge. Talk about these achievements to relatives and friends.
  • Talk with the child about their teacher. See if there are issues with the teacher and if something might need to be done about it. See if the child may need an evaluation for learning issues.
  • Make a schedule. Children will be better able to complete their homework assignments if they have a set study time during the day when they know they are to work. They might work better after a snack in the afternoon, or they might work best in the evening after a large meal. Talk to the child to see which times work best for them and set the study period to that time.
  • Keep a specific place for studying. This does not have to be a separate room, but perhaps the dining room table or dad’s home office is the designated study spaces. In whatever space is the study space, there should be school supplies readily available including paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, etc...
  • Be available to answer questions the child might have about their homework, but first familiarize yourself with the assignments they have and what lessons they are learning. You may have been taught a different method or equation growing up and trying to push that on your child might confuse them and result in a poor grade because they were not in compliance with what the teacher wanted. If you can quickly read up on what they are doing, you will be better able to help. Make sure you also help them here and there, motivating them, suggesting breaks every hour, and offering direction, but do not do the work for the child or interfere with their natural learning process. Remember that kids need to make mistakes here and there in order to learn.

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