First Grade Homework: How to Cope With It

The First Grade curriculum has changed over the years. You child will have work and frequently you will need to guide your child though the work. Many of the assignments will be hands on like tasting foods or counting al the yellow thing sin the living room. You child will begin to build a foundation when he or she develops homework habits in the First Grade. Follow a few tips as you help your child to cope with homework in the first grade:

Always have down time

When you child first arrives home, let him or her have snack time and play time. There needs to be some down time before the school work starts. Set an exact time of down time, so your child knows when it is time to get back to work.

Set a routine

Set a homework routine and make sure you and the child observe this routine. Have a set work area and have set work rules. This will male work time go more smoothly for you and your First Grader.

Make sure bedtime is still observed

First Grade homework should never interfere with your child’s bedtime. If the work is not completed by bedtime, simply put it away. A complete night of rest is very important to your First Grader.

Keep it fun

Try to keep homework time fun. You do not want your child to resent the set homework time, as this will form a bad habit or attitude for the future. Your child needs to know that homework time is important and will exist for a long time.

Organize the study area and the backpack

Your child should have his or her own homework or desk area. You want your child to like the homework area and to take ownership of his or her homework area. The homework needs to always be done at this spot, not at the table or on the couch. Set good routines for your child now.

Do not do it for your child

You may be tempted to do the work for your child, but do not do this. You can help your child, but it is the child’s work not the parents’ homework. Doing your child’s work does not help your child at all.

Make sure that when your child has homework that you follow all of these tips and rules for your first grader.

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