Avoiding pitfalls when turning to math homework helpers

If you are trying to help your child with math, it is important that you avoid common pitfalls that can turn your child off of math for the duration of their academic career. Kids need to realize that math is all around them. You can show them that life lesson in every day aspects of home living. For example:

  • - You can teach them to count the number of dishes on the table or in the cupboard.
  • - You can teach them to understand fractions when you bake. You can also use this avenue for teaching addition of fractions. If you make two batches of cookies, your child needs to add twice as much to the bowl, or multiply the fraction by two. This is just one of many examples where math can be found in the home.
  • - You can teach your child to tell time with their favorite television show, by showing them what time it starts and how many minutes it is on television.

All of these instances teach the children useful skills that they will transfer to writing and to reading. You can also help your child with math by creating an environment of mathematical thinking. Pose questions to your child. Make them solve problems. Help them find solutions. Talk about differences and likenesses. You can explain reasoning to your child and encourage them to explain the problem-solving process they used with math, so that you can understand their reasoning and help them.

If you are driving to the store, talk to your child about how numbers can help us determine things like:

  • - How fast we are driving
  • - How far we have travelled
  • - How many miles per gallon the car gets
  • - How long it will take you to get home

You should expose your child to money early on too. This is a great way to introduce math concepts. Have your child collect coins in a piggy bank and then have them count the coins regularly. If your child receives an allowance, they can keep track of the money they have every few weeks with this piggy bank.

You can teach your child how to integrate math into playtime with board games that use math and logic, to flash cards. Use a digital and analog watch to teach your child two ways to tell time. Try and reinforce math skills they have learned with educational games or software.

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