Does Homework Help Students: Weighing All Pros And Cons

When it comes to setting students homework, some people feel that it is an unnecessary side of the educational system, and any advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages. On the other hand, many people are firm supporters of the need for students to complete additional work outside of regular school hours. Of course, many students would love to eliminate the need to do homework altogether; however, many parents and teachers simply see this as schoolchildren being lazy.

What are some of the pros of having students to complete work at home?

Some of the benefits are related to academic achievement, whilst others are simply of a financial nature. For example, by setting students work to do outside of school hours, schools can reduce the amount of hours that they have to pay teachers. As a result, this money can then be spent on other things to help students whilst they are actually in school.

Of course, the financial benefits of homework is not the most significant reasons for continuing to require students to do the work at home. Ultimately, students can benefit from a wide range of positive aspects, including the ability to develop independent thinking skills, as well as enhancing their ability to research relevant information, both of which can be incredibly important later on in life in the workplace.

Students also have the possibility of reinforcing the learning process, and ensuring that as much information is absorbed as possible. Not only does going over the work at home help to ensure that students learn what they’re supposed to, but it also helps to avoid unnecessarily long lessons, during which students can suffer from burnout.

How about some of the cons?

There are plenty of arguments against homework. For example, some students feel the time can be used more appropriately on non-academic, extracurricular activities. Other students may wish to argue that the school day is long enough already, and by requesting students to do further work at home, it’s just an extra burden which is unnecessary and unhelpful for people of such a young age.

The importance of sleep is becoming more and more apparent as more studies are carried out on the subject. If students are not getting enough sleep, because they are doing work till late at home, then this can have a negative impact on the quality of learning both at school and at home. Ultimately, whether homework is helpful for a student is very much down to the individual. Some students may benefit from it whilst others do not.

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