Why Kids Shouldn’t Have Homework: Expert Advice

More and more specialists nowadays say that the homework is more damaging than beneficial to the children. This is a debatable topic and, of course, each parent and teacher has a different opinion. If you read articles on this theme, you will notice that both sides use very strong arguments that are hardly doubtful. However, experts agree with the fact that homework is not so good as many teachers use to think, and this is why some educational systems do not evolve.

  • They dedicate too much time for school. Even if you did not think that you will hear a teacher saying this, some of them publicly expressed this opinion. School is one of the most important elements in the life of any pupil, but this does not mean it should delete all the other aspects of his life. When a pupil has to work supplementary in the afternoon for several hours, he is practically dedicating his entire day to educational activities which can be truly exhausting for a young mind.
  • Some of them get confused. When the teacher is presenting a certain lesson in the class and the homework is not so clear as it should be, the information will not be so clear in their mind. For a child to remember the subject it needs to be consistent, and when the exercises he will make at home are different, he will lose all the benefits.
  • They don’t have time to follow their passions. Even though school is very important, there are many people who have talent for music, sport or anything else. When the extra work is taking all of their time, they will not have when to pursue other courses. For a pupil who is passionate about theatre, for example, it can be really frustrating to do math exercises instead of attending a theatre course. There are many aspects that need to be considered, and most of the specialists think that is important to allow your child to follow his talent.
  • He needs free time. Beside any kind of course, school or exercises, a student needs to have time to relax and enjoy his time. When his schedule is so crowded with educational activities, he will start to show less interest in school. Sure enough, it is easy for one adult to work one week without taking time to relax, but for a kid things are dramatically different.

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