Tips how to get math homework help online free

It isn’t only school children and student’s who have a problem getting help with their math homework. Parents have to face the fact that they don’t have the numerical skills to help their children in this subject. It hurts their pride but   also their pocket because they may have to pay out more for extra math lessons which can work out to be expensive.

There is ample evidence that conventional Math teaching is failing to successfully train school children and many adults never achieve full numeracy for the rest of their lives.  Dyscalculia is the math equivalent of dyslexia. It therefore pays to find help for math homework online for free , especially  if the source has an interesting take on math teaching.

The Khan Academy

  • Used by Bill Gates and his children.
  • Salman Khan posted tutorials on You tube. Khan is a former hedge fund manager and Harvard MBA.
  • A million people take advantage of 2,120 tutorials on the Khan Academy site.
  • The Khan Academy website covers simple math for children through to complex Algebraic formula.
  • The site is visited more frequently than Math professors free websites.

Math homework is the way to learn how to do the subject so it is essential to learn how to do the homework not just have someone do it for you. There are plenty of sites offering to do homework for payment but whilst you may past tests you won’t have learned how to solve the problems, so you will be no better off when it comes to final exams. In fact, many students fail multiple times so it is a good idea to seek help on the internet to understand the subject. For many even one to one tutoring by a professional tutor does not always work.


Some other free websites offer help with math homework:

  • Discovery Education
  • Math Reading help
  • Jiskha Home work help offers free homework help from  volunteer teachers 
  • Some  state colleges offer online help for their students.

There are other math sites offering free homework that:

  • help with algebra and geometry.
  • help to find ways round problems.
  • offer help on algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics
  • give free on line help for homework by a professor.

Before computers were invented it was a struggle, now it’s easy.  

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