Generating Ideas When Doing Your College Homework

A lot of people find themselves lost or confused when their professor gives them a homework assignment. Where can you go to get the answers you need? Who can you ask for help? How can you get ideas for papers? Here are some tips to help you generate ideas.

Use Your Resources for Homework Assignments

For any class that you have an assignment for, look through your notes, handouts, and any textbooks you have for the class. If you have an assignment that you need to find the answers for, look through all of these resources that you have, because the answers you need will, more often than not, be there. If they aren’t there or you don’t understand what your notes are saying to you, go online to read up on whatever your homework is on and look for the answers there.

Work with Friends or Ask for Help

If you’re having difficulty with an assignment, or if you can’t seem to find the answers anywhere, work with someone or ask for help.

  • Work with a friend. Two heads are better than one! You may understand certain parts of the assignment better than your friend and vice versa. If you’re analyzing something, they might see something differently than you do and can help give you ideas.
  • Ask your professor. If you are having trouble with anything, reach out to your professor. If you need ideas for a paper, don’t understand the symbolism in a book for class, don’t know the answers to a handout, etc- just ask your professor! Most professors are willing to meet outside of class or at least work with you via email. Their job is to teach you and they want to make sure you are learning, so they will do what they can to help you.
  • Go to the writing center. The people who work in the writing center are there specifically to help you. They can help you study for a test, work on your science homework, or even work with you on every step of a paper. If you need help coming up with ideas for a topic or if you need help with a thesis statement, they will be there and ready to help.
  • Look online. You can find pretty much anything on the internet nowadays. If you want to find the answers to something or if you need help coming up with paper topics, the internet will help you find what you need to.

It’s really not that hard to find answers to homework or to come up with ideas if you use every resource you have.

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