How to avoid plagiarism when using a free geometry homework help

The first thing you need to understand is the definition of plagiarism and the consequences of plagiarism. A brief definition is that plagiarism takes place when somebody takes the language, the work of another person without that other person's permission. If you do quote somebody else's work and do not cite the reference, then you are committing plagiarism.

There is a huge temptation for so many students today to get themselves out of a hole by purchasing a complete paper. There are many online services which offer this very type of activity. For a certain fee you receive a complete document. Now if this document has been produced solely for you, and provided you meet the cost of having the work done, this can be seen as cheating but not as plagiarism. However, if in creating some work you quote another writer's words but pass them off as your own, then you are committing plagiarism.

And plagiarism is not restricted to essays but can also be present in other subjects including mathematics and including geometry. If you take somebody else's solutions to a geometry problem and pass them off as your own, you could very well be guilty of plagiarism.

What are the consequences?

You really need to take this subject seriously. There are students who wittingly or unwittingly have committed plagiarism and suffered serious consequences. Their assignment will have received the final mark. They may well have been given a warning that if such behaviour occurs again they could be expelled from their educational institution. And depending on the seriousness of the plagiarism, there could be a serious blot on their academic landscape. Take the subject seriously.

There you need to understand that there is a significant difference between free geometry homework and geometry homework from a teacher to whom you pay money. Obviously many students are attracted to the type of teaching which is free. Students being generally not financially well-equipped will be drawn to any service which doesn't charge.

But regardless of whether or not the service provided with your geometry homework help is free, you must be certain that the work you are receiving or copying is not passed off as your own if it has been created by somebody else.

Remember that there are general answers to geometry homework which use principles taught in geometry classes for centuries. This type of information is not subject to the laws of copyright and therefore will never involve plagiarism. It's your responsibility to find out if any homework help you are receiving contains material which is subject to the laws of copyright. If so, you can only use it as your own work provided you acknowledge the source of the material.

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