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Of all subjects, students learn when growing up, math is the most difficult. It is not something that obviously can be connected to everyday life, and students often get bored when talking about it and learning it. In addition to learning about math for an hour or more a day, students have to take home math homework. This is often a waste of time, especially if a student can also do well on a test without studying. To save time to work on other, more important things, it is best to get answers to math problems elsewhere. There are many tactics you can use to do this.

There any many places that you can go for the answers. The first place is both obvious and dangerous. Many teachers have the answers in some form or another, and if you are lucky, they may give it to you. If you observe your teacher, especially when they are grading papers, you just might find the place they store the answers. From there you can go when no one is looking, take a picture with your cell phone, and no one will be the wiser.

There are other places the answers might be stored. There are many online forums that consist of nothing but students posting the answers to homework problems. If you are lucky, you will be able to find what you need there. You can also try to find the answer book. Many textbooks have an answer book, if you can find the one your teacher is using. You can normally go online and buy the teacher's edition, or if you are lucky, buy the selected solutions manual. No one has these, and they will make your life much easier. You can easily turn out to be the best home worker in the class.

Sometimes though that advice is not very practical or pragmatic. These tips all assume that the answer is written down somewhere, but this is not always something that can be done. This still does not mean you have to give up, though. You can ask the students in your class to give you answers. Paying them money often works. You can also get a student from a higher grade to help you out under the guise of tutoring, and bribe him for the answers. If you do not have the money for this, you can also get the answers by going to a tutor and pretending to not understand, having him explain it until he arrives at the answer for you.

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